Cultivate future talents with Cubico

Customized coding learning for the 21st century's children. The first beginning is always important. Cubico is fully designed with the ideal curriculums for the first-time coding learners.

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Coding Education Worldwide

Many countries around the world are becoming aware of the importance of learning coding and allowing kids to learn it as an essential education need, thereby becoming passionate about cultivating digital talents.


  • Started AP Course "Computational Thinking" class
  • Selected information science as a graduate credit in 30 education offices.
  • Over 37 million members joined


  • Computing class is mandatory to ages 5-16
  • Start SW learning from age 5


  • Mandatory to learn coding since 2016


  • Mandatory subject in elementary, middle and high schools since 2010


  • Computer science subject was launched in middle schools.
  • Manadatory subject in high schools.


  • Selected software learning as a subject in 2012 Introduced grade-customized curriculum
21st-century Intelligence Information Society

What will our children's future be like?

Coding 4th industrial Revolution, SW, Big Data, IoT, AR, Cloud
What's the objective of our children's future education?

It is to learn the proper way to think through SW education, and cultivate convergent talents who can perform creative activities with maker movement.

Software Education

Coding is the essential language for the
future to communicate with computers


Maker Movement

Creative activities to make and share
what they need by themselves.

Why choose Cubico to start learning coding?

Physical coding play customized for age-speficific development

From Preschool levesl to Elementary school levels Cubico is hands-on customized coding educational toy, arouses children's interest to make them study Coding by themselves With Cubico, children can learn from a beginner level to an advanced level of coding, and improve application abilities as well.

Easily learn coding terms with English songs

Fantastic story telling & characters

Creativity convergence STEAM - Education fulfillment! Cubico + Maker (Science kit)

AR-based vivid experimental contents

3 levels (Board-Block-App) learning nurturing children's development

World-recognized global coding educational toy

Experience everday electronic devices with Inventor